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About Us​

Started by foodies, inspired by health and flavor. Embracing alternative diets and promoting the conversation of healthy eating in a slightly liberal context with our product offerings. A vision that started with our cassava chip and quickly grew.

All about us

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the #1 source for the highest quality food products, local or import. Exclusively Premium!

Our Mission

To consistently provide great value to our chefs and foodies. By bringing high-quality, high-value food products to market. Providing goods that most supermarkets just don’t stock.

Bajan Originals Logo White Transparent Background

Our Values

The name Bajan Originals is synonymous with quality and we exude it through our values. Our values govern our every step and every step is a step towards excellence.Β 

Quality First

Consistently provide high quality local and imported food products.


Creating memorable positive experiences through quality & service.


Creating partnerships bringing our customers new premium products.

The Choice Of Chefs And Foodies

Because top chefs and foodies only want premium food products…