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About The Brand Melor

We will explore some interesting facts about Melor with you here, we will talk about health, diet, Organic food ,GMOs and food trends and standards. Also a bit about the Greek origins of the brand, agency, distribution and more.

About The Brand Melor

Did you know this fact about the brand Melor?

Melor is an organic, extra virgin olive oil and represents extra virgin olive oil in its most natural state. The way nature wanted you to have it… Sold in Europe as the brand Oro Melathria in Greece, Switzerland, Germany and other markets. This premium organic EVOO is a product of family tradition, a tradition of organic farming and the first cold press. Are just three things about the brand Melor you may not have known.

Melor: Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You, Your Health
Organic EVOO

Organic extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest fats you can consume, it is made from organically farmed olives, crushed using a clean, cold mechanical process then separating the water and solids from the liquid gold in a centrifuge. This results in a pure fruit fat, organic extra virgin olive oil. And don’t you just love any thing that is pure, I do!

It is extremely important to add these healthy fats to your diet as they are essential for giving the body energy, helping in the creation of important hormones, improving cell growth and the absorption of nutrients. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids improving everyday body function by slowing down and healing cellular damage that occurs over time. We will cover a few more things you didn’t know about Organic EVOO.

The polyphenols found in Organic EVOO have been shown to inhibit cancer cells, reducing cell proliferation and increasing cell death.  Organic EVOO’s polyphenols appear to be effective against breast cancer cells, and may also kill skin cancer cells with no harm to healthy cells.

Many studies have found extra virgin olive oil to be very beneficial for cardiovascular health. The polyphenols in EVOO lower the risk of heart disease, lower LDL cholesterol levels as well as total cholesterol levels, and help prevent the formation of plaque in arteries. A 2021 study revealed that people who replace unhealthy fats in their diet with olive oil can lower their risk of cardiovascular failure by almost 20%. The same study concluded that a higher olive oil intake was associated with a lower risk of total and cause-specific mortality.

What is in your Melor

High in Oleic Acid (about 80%) known for its benefits in lowering bad cholesterol levels and improving cell health. Vitamin E(Alpha Tocopherol {According to the NIH}has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the incidence of heart disease). Antioxidants to slow or even stop cell damage.

Mental Health

Isn’t it a bit of a surprise to find out research suggests that consumption of extra virgin olive oil as part of a Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of depression, especially when compared to others consuming trans-fats, a practice which shows a correlation with an increased risk of depression. EVOO is a force to be reckoned with.

Stomach Health

Studies show that olive oil can destroy bacteria associated with ulcers and stomach cancer. Strains of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori have shown some antibiotic resistance. In tests extra virgin olive oil was able to eradicate all strains of the bacteria, including those with antibiotic resistance.

Obesity & Diabetes

Obesity has high correlation with both cardiovascular disease and also type-2 diabetes. The polyphenols found in extra virgin olive oil have been shown to improve fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity, while also helping to balance blood sugar levels. EVOO can lower bad cholesterol levels  a help manage cholesterol levels.


Studies show that olive oil can destroy bacteria associated with ulcers and stomach cancer.  In tests, extra virgin olive oil was able to eradicate all strains of the bacteria, including those with antibiotic resistance.


For health & Beauty

Here we explored just a few of the health benefits of a diet that consists of high Organic EVOO consumption, there are many more. It is easy to understand why some people use it as a supplement (taking 1-2 tablespoons every day)as well as cook with it. It is because they understand that it is essential to promote body and mental health. Everyone wants to have a  healthy body, good hair, nails and skin. 

Even more about the brand Melor

Did you know Bajan Originals is the agent for Melor Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the western hemisphere? Yes, and we continue to form alliances with strategic partners to distribute our premium products and brands and also bring more premium brands to our markets. The world is a global village we see friends, not borders.

Why Choose Melor?

Melor is GR-BIO-01 certified organic. This means that we are inspected by independent auditors to ensure that our farming practices are inline with European Organic Standards and consist of no GMOs, herbicides or pesticides. Also, that there is no contamination with herbicides, pesticides or GMOs during processing. 

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